EF7 - You're Owned not complex

2/20/2023 dev ef

OK - the title is misleading, but weirdly true. no mo' complex!

The value of Benchmarking. Still. Always

2/11/2023 dev architecting benchmark

Benchmarking code is important because you learn something you can always use. Follow me on this short journey through "is there something better?"

Coding Quality of life improvements

2/1/2023 dev tips

We code all day. We do the same thing, every day. Why not make some Quality of Life improvements to your coding life. Here's an example.

Over Engineering / Over Architecting

11/4/2022 architecting dev

People love to ring the alarm about Pre-Optimization but expect over-architecting. Another example of followers just regurgitating what a popular/well-respected dev says [one day].

Blazor Shared Resources Naming Requirement

10/7/2022 blazor dev

If you're trying to link a shared Blazor/Razor library for CSS, images, JS, etc., you need to name it correctly.

Labors of Love

8/18/2022 projects oss

There are some things that I want to do. That I have been wanting to do. Things that I share as open source software. This is about that.

Application Insights and Annoying Storage account 404s

7/30/2022 azure application-insights billing

Application Insights fills up (and costs you $$$) when expected 404s are treated as exceptions. What's a dev to do?

SQL Bulk Copy - how I love thee?

6/24/2022 sql sqlbulkcopy toolshed errors

A classic but sometimes PITA ETL class that is essential. A couple errors that are annoying but easy to identify and fix.

Azure Blob File Explorer

6/16/2022 azure -blob -oss -toolshed -toolshed-filing-cabinet

Displaying Azure's Blob Storage in a file explorer or filing cabinet view should be easy. Let's make it so. (1 of x)

The New Blog Engine

6/8/2022 blogging

Like all good developers, new and old, you must build your own blog engine.

Breakout! CSS Style

6/2/2022 css -tips

You have a container to restrict the width of your page, but you want some inner content to not be constrained! To break free! Easy.

SQL Tip & Tricks

1/13/2021 sql t&t

Things I do not want to forget and search here is easier than searching Google with Bing

Azure App Configuration - For the Rich

8/5/2020 azure cost

Azure's App Configuration is a great idea and another awesome resource Azure provides to ease development. But only if you don't mind burning money.

Sneaky Catch-All

7/12/2020 dev asp.net-core

Didn't know that you had a catch-all, did you? How long did it take you to find this insidious little error? 3 days for me. The second time I was looking for it.

Rich Text Editors - HTML Editors - WYSIWYG

6/25/2020 dev js components

State of web based text editors in 2020.

Spaces vs. Tabs

6/24/2020 guidelines dev

While looking at writing about guidelines this age-old argument came up as an item...

Vanilla JS - So Yummy

6/15/2020 dev js

Having used a framework or library for so long, one forgets - it's just JavaScript

ETL - That's Wrong, Don't Delete

6/12/2020 sql etc dev

You have an ETL process (importing data) that deletes and inserts data. This is what I do to make sure it's not a mistake to keep going.

Another, Why NPM Sucks Article

5/15/2020 npm js

Much of the dev world has a love hate relationship with NPM. Here's another reason.

.NET Range Operators

5/14/2020 .net

These new range operators in C# 8.0 are we sweet. If you can remember them.

SQL Injection - Still a Thing

5/12/2020 sql coding

You'd think in the year 2020, SQL injection would be a solved problem.

Emailing - Attaching Azure Blobs

5/12/2020 azure

Sending emails with attachments from Azure blob files. So easy.

Slowing Azure Functions Down

5/8/2020 azure serverless functions

For the longest controlling Azure's horsepower was nigh impossible. It was a bit of a nightmare. Today I found out, not anymore.

The Linux Currency Symbol

3/17/2020 linux globalization

What does the USD symbol look like in Linux? The unknown emoji symbol, kinda.

Git- Sync from original Repository

9/4/2019 git

Get changes from the repository you forked...

Dynamic Display


How to display all the properties, when you don't know them - or don't care

State of Client Side Frameworks

8/30/2019 js angular client-side

Which client side framework to select in 2019 is harder than ever. Or is it?

No WOFF here. Sorry

7/18/2019 mime 404

You know the file is there, but you keep getting a 404. Call BS!

ASP.NET Core - InProcess - An Error

5/7/2019 asp.net core dev

Just a reminder and note and maybe a Goggle helper for an error...

Git Reflog - The Lifesaver

4/5/2019 git

GIT has a million commands, don't forget this one - reflog

Flexbox - Icon in the Middle

2/26/2019 css bootstrap reference

Flexbox - Icon in the Middle

Azure Storage - Version Has a Cost

10/15/2018 azure storage

Selecting the wrong version of Azure Storage can cost you. A lot.

ASP.NET Core - DI Lifetimes

9/5/2018 asp.net core

A quick reference for ASP.NET Core DI Lifetimes

REST in the Practice

7/22/2018 http rest api

IMO: REST in Practive versus REST in Theory

The Problem With Open Source

2/2/2018 oss angular

Open Source promises a lot, but comes with a lot to consider.

I Want my JSON in PascalCase

1/23/2018 reference dev js

Because I like PascalCase, how to ensure that's what ASP.NET returns.

Key Management in CI/CD (Azure) (anti-forgery)

1/11/2018 azure cd/cd

Using keys for anti-forgery in Azure in a CI/CD environment

Monospaced Programming Fonts with Ligatures

1/5/2018 reference dev

A reference to Scott Hansleman's post, because I really like using Fira as a font for programming.

Renaming OneDrive Folder Name

1/5/2018 reference onedrive

Renaming the OneDrive folder name. Take control!

What I Use

11/15/2017 personal dev

My working environment, what I use!


10/31/2017 personal

A list of projects I would like to take on.

Here We Are Again


Welcome to your new blog

10/13/2017 welcome miniblog

Congratulations on your new blog